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Stained Glass 3-D Star

  • 07/18/2021
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Red Mountain Makers
  • 5


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Arrangements and Alignment (Light work level)

Details - Precision is very important when working any project that requires many pieces that need to be repeated then fitted together. This is especially the case when a project needs to fall within a set parameter. This class will cover the methods of cutting glass and how to properly measure, arrange, and adjust each piece to create a 3-D sculpture using stained glass! This method of creating 3-D objects out of stained glass is a relatively new innovation arising in the 19 century when the copper foil method first came about. 

Work Involved - (cutting, measuring, copper foiling, soldering, grinding edges)

Tools & Materials - (Stained Glass of various shades and colors, glass cutters, scribes, oil, soldering irons, flush cut pliers, splitting pliers, nibbling pliers, tracing sheets, clear glass practice sheets, copper foil, diamond files/grinder, plastic water color brushes, small plastic paint cups, paper towels, flux, patinas, 60/40 lead solder)


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