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Stained Glass Window

  • 07/31/2021
  • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Red Mountain Makers
  • 6



Illuminated scene (Moderate work level)

Details - The combination of cut glass arranged to create a picture is one of the defining applications of stained glass. In this class students will utilize a provided patterns to trace, then cut glass of various colors and textures of their choosing. When cutting stained glass it is critical to know how grain and texture can affect how a finished piece of stained glass will look. Because of this, emphasis will focus on deciding what glass is best used and how application can give you different effects. Following a brief tutorial students will use their skills to cut, assemble, then solder the glass to complete a 11.5” X 8” pictorial scene. Decision will also cover larger windows including installation. No prerequisites are required but it is suggested that a beginner class be taken before this one.

Work Involved - (cutting, tracing, soldering, foiling edges, grinding, filing, framework)

Tools & Materials - (Lead came/U channel, copper foil, 60/40 lead solder, soldering irons, various color and styles of stained glass, latex gloves, diamond files, tracing sheets, pliers, glass cutters, T pins/flat nails, pin hammers, cutting oil, glass grinder, decorative chain, tinned wire, tinned jump rings, plastic water color brushes, small plastic paint cups, paper towels, flux, and patina)


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